December, 2017


When creating a concept for a certain company or brand, it is good to ‘get to know each other’ first. You can draw a conclusion by looking at what goes well and what has the potential for improvement. In addition, the opportunities and threats outside the company also play a major role. By combining these four elements, a proposal for a plan or even multiple plans can be made...

March, 2017


The world around us is increasingly becoming conscious. In the last few years, sustainability has become a huge trend, which continues to grow. The production of sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical products plays an important role in this. Also in the fashion industry...

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April. 2018


The concept designed for department store Hudson's Bay called Beneath her skin, A strong woman refers to the prejudices concerning women. In the year where feminism has been lifted to a higher level, among other things through the #MeToo scandal and the rise against Donald Trump, the power of women is central. Women are still treated differently from men, also in work-related areas. Men not only earn more, they are also hired for more (important) positions...

March, 2017


Being insecure is something that has become quite normal nowadays. Lots of people - especially youth - is busy with comparing themselves with others through social media. Therefore, their self-image can be affected negative...

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