December, 2017


Concept - Styling

When creating a concept for a certain company or brand, it is good to "get to know each other" first. You can draw a conclusion by looking at what goes well and what has the potential for improvement. In addition, the opportunities and threats outside the company also play a major role. By combining these four elements, a proposal for a plan or even multiple plans can be made.

CJP is a youth organization that is committed to making culture more accessible and fun for young people between the age of 12 and 30. It's their mission and immediately the point for improvement. CJP can not live up to their promise at the moment. In fact, not everyone has the opportunity to participate in cultural events. Such as young people with a visual impairment. 


My all-over concept named CJP has no limits is a push of the boundaries to experience culture. By not only viewing or hearing it, but also stimulating other senses to experience culture. Special attention will be paid to young people with visual impairments, which will increase the accessibility of the target group.

Photography: Suzanne Rensink

Models: Isabella Dams / Eva Korsten

MUA: Mylène Janssen

Styling: Kim Huiting