April, 2018


Concept  - Graphic design - Fabric manipulation

The concept designed for department store Hudson's Bay called Beneath her skin, A strong woman refers to the prejudices concerning women. In the year where feminism has been lifted to a higher level, among other things through the #MeToo scandal and the rise against Donald Trump, the power of women is central. Women are still treated differently from men, also in work-related areas. Men not only earn more, they are also hired for more (important) positions.


The mission of Hudson's Bay (The Netherlands) is to make their guests feel special. In addition, they call themselves courageous. I combined these two elements in my concept by letting Hudson's Bay stand up for a large part of their consumers: women.

I wanted to convince the store and its customers of the power of women by looking beyond social identity or gender. I layed focus on what women are mostly criticized for - namely their sensitivity. Despite the diversity in the external characteristics of women, we are all powerful from within. The (woman’s) skin was used as an inspiration source for this concept, divided into the themes; freckles, goose bumps, pigment, fat rolls, hairy, veins and skin tones.